The IPAK of Alabama Team has over 55 years of experience designing and manufacturing foam, plastic, and fabric returnable packaging components. We have earned our position as a leader in the design and development of returnable and expendable packaging systems by providing our customers with cost effective solutions to their packaging problems.

Our goal is to develop returnable and reusable packaging systems that exceed the expectations of our customers by using innovative ideas, quality materials, and state of the art manufacturing techniques.

Our Production Capabilities

  • 40 Sewing Stations
  • Sewn Bags for racks and containers
  • Sewn pouches
  • Curtains and Dust Covers
  • Water Jet Cutting- 12 Cutting Heads
  • Flash Cut Table
  • Laminating
  • Skiving
  • Saw Cutting
  • Glued Assemblies
  • Hot Melt or Spray Adhesion
  • Heat Bonding / Sonic Welding
  • Custom Made Plastic Corrugated Totes
  • Plastic Corrugated Dividers
  • Custom Foam Interiors
  • Foam Trays and Dividers
  • Custom Dunnage for Steel Racks
  • Rack Design
  • Sequencing Dunnage and Kits
  • WIP Packaging
  • CNC Routing
  • Large Inventory of Fabrics
  • Large Inventory of Crosslink P/E
  • Large Inventory of Plastic Corrugated
  • Design Lab with the latest Technology
  • 3D Engineering Software
  • Dunnage Repair and Modification
  • Dunnage Design and Prototyping
  • Project/Program Management